Colombia (Decaf)

Colombia (Decaf)

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In recent years there has been incredible progress made in the processing of decaffeinated coffee, which is helping to get rid of the stigma that has plagued decaf coffee for years. Modern, natural methods for decaffeination are allowing the sought after flavours to remain in the coffee without imparting any negative tastes from the processing. One of these natural methods uses ethyl acetate, which is a solvent derived from fermented sugar cane. The green coffee is soaked in water and this ethyl acetate solution to allow the caffeine molecules to bond to the ethyl acetate molecules. Once the soak is complete, the coffee is removed and steamed at low pressure to remove any remaining traces of ethyl acetate. The resulting beans are dried and polished for delivery and will contain a maximum of 0.01-0.03% caffeine while retaining the original coffee’s wonderful flavours. 

340g • 12oz